Pregnant in Japan? Relieving back pain and other issues for pregnant women with gentle Swedish Massage

Gentle Massage Therapy for Pregnant Women are done worldwide: Relieving Back Pain with a German Approach

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey, but it often comes with physical discomfort, often back pain. At our practice in Mikage / Kobe, we offer a massage treatment for pregnant women that focuses on relieving these aches safely and effectively. This gentle approach, we brought from Germany is practiced worldwide.

It combines careful techniques of German / Swedish massage therapy with options tailored to your comfort. We would apply oil directly to the skin for a gentle relaxing massage.

Not only do we address back pain, but we also offer treatments for shoulder, neck, thoracic spine, and hip issues that are common during pregnancy. Our priority is to provide a comfortable and safe experience, ensuring you and your baby feel at ease throughout the session. And that your pregnancy can be as enjoyable as possible.

With our experience in that field, let us help you. Book an appointment now!


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