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CrossPhysio Full Body Fasciae Oil-Massage

Experience the Transformative Touch: Our rejuvenating Full Body Fasciae Oil Massage gives you a feel of lightness and freshness, as it sparks your body’s regeneration process and boost your immune system, a potential ally in reducing inflammation and alleviating pain. Revel in the delight of a renewed sense of well-being. Your body deserves this! 



Experience the calm and transformative techniques of Dr. Vodder’s Original Lymphatic Drainage. Didier Hartmann learned it directly form the Wittlinger family in Austria and Prof. Wittlinger Sen. learned it directly from Mr. Vodder.
You can be assured to elevate your wellness with this time-tested method designed to promote optimal lymphatic circulation. These gentle and calm techniques offers a range of benefits, from nourishing the skin, reducing swelling to enhancing the immune system
With its gentle and unhurried techniques, this method not only soothes the body but extends its calming touch to the nervous system as well. Experience a profound new sense of tranquility!

Manual therapy

Experience our unique synergy of Manual Therapy combined with the precision of Anatomy Trains and targeted Fascia Treatment. We integrate hands-on techniques to address musculoskeletal issues, while incorporating the intricate connections mapped by Anatomy Trains and the rejuvenating focus on fascia. This holistic blend offers a comprehensive solution, promoting optimal mobility, relieving tension, and fostering a profound sense of well-being. Elevate your therapy experience with our specialized combination, where science meets skilled touch for transformative results.


Relaxation for Pregnant women

Gentle oil massage, like the Swedish style taught in Germany, offers wonderful benefits for pregnant women. It helps to relieve muscle tension and reduce swelling, which is common during pregnancy. The soft touch can also lower stress and anxiety, promoting better sleep and overall well-being. Additionally, it improves blood circulation, which supports the baby’s development. A gentle massage is a lovely way to care for both the mother and the baby, providing relaxation and comfort during this special time.

professional Athletes only:
Elite Pro Sports Massage

Claim your spot with Didier for the Elite Pro Sports Massage, reserved exclusively for professional athletes! Level up your game and recovery with our no-nonsense, high-performance care crafted for elite athletes.


Shoke Wave Therapy

Shockwave therapy in physiotherapy offers rapid relief from tension, accelerates tissue healing, and improves mobility. This non-invasive treatment stimulates blood flow, reduces inflammation, and promotes the body’s natural regenerative processes, making it effective for various musculoskeletal conditions.

With shockwave therapy, also cellulite can be treated, unveiling smoother and firmer skin.

Personal Training

As a dedicated physiotherapist, I extend my services beyond traditional therapy to provide personalized fitness solutions. Elevate your wellness journey with my expertise in personal training, offering private lessons in Kung Fu and Taiji for a holistic approach to physical well-being.

Additionally, I offer in-house training programs designed to address specific needs, such as combating back pain, ensuring the well-being of staff members in corporate settings.

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Rina's bodycare Treatments:

Japanese Bodycare: Embrace a Fusion of Tranquil Techniques and Modern Wellness Approaches. 


Treatments by Didier Hartmann

Whether you’re opting for relaxation or therapeutic treatments, simply book your desired time slot. Prices are as following:

45 Minutes ……….. ¥7500,-  

60 Minutes ……….. ¥9800,-

90 Minutes ……….. ¥14500,-

Prices for professionell Athletes (premier league players from rugby, soccer etc.) are as following:

60 Minutes ……….. ¥12000,-

90 Minutes ……….. ¥16800,-

Good News: As a state-certified physiotherapist in Germany, treatments are often reimbursed by international insurances.

Treatments by Rina Arima

Whether you’re opting for relaxation or bodycare treatments, simply book your desired time slot. Prices are as following:

30 Minutes ……….. ¥4300,-  

45 Minutes ……….. ¥6400,-

60 Minutes ……….. ¥8500,-

Treatments by Fujisawa

Whether you’re opting for Mrs. Fujisawas face massage treatments, foot reflexology, full body oil massage or body care, simply book your desired time slot. Mrs. Fujisawas treatments are available only on two Sundays a month:


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