Our Mission: Balance and Peace for Your Body and Mind

Embark on a Journey to your Personal Well-Being with CrossPhysio:  Restore Harmony and Promote Inner Peace through Therapeutic Touch. 

CrossPhysio - Concept

CrossPhysio is a holistic massage method designed to address both the physical and mental dimensions of well-being. This integrative approach seamlessly combines advanced massage techniques with a deep understanding of the mind-body connection. By synergizing the principles of physiotherapy with the healing power of touch, CrossPhysio aims to treat not just the symptoms but the root causes of discomfort, promoting a harmonious balance between the body and mind.

Incorporating a diverse range of therapeutic modalities, CrossPhysio tailors each session to the unique needs of the individual, fostering a personalized and targeted approach to holistic healing. Through mindful hands-on techniques, the method seeks to alleviate physical tension in the fasciae system, enhance flexibility, and optimize muscular function. 

Whether you seek relief from muscular strain, stress, or simply desire a rejuvenating experience, CrossPhysio aspires to guide you towards a state of holistic equilibrium, where your body and mind can thrive in unison. Discover the transformative power of CrossPhysio – a journey towards holistic well-being that transcends the boundaries of traditional massage methods.


German Physiotherapist, Author, Lecturer

As a professional physiotherapist Didier has worked in Germany (Munich) for about 20 years. Didier was also a lecturer at therapeutic training institutes in Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Portugal.

He published three books (two of them in English) and several online courses on health.

Didier currently lives in Kobe, Japan with his Japanese wife and two children.
As a therapist and trainer he has participated in numerous international trainings and conferences.

At the Wittlinger Therapy Center in Austria, Didier Hartmann learned lymphatic drainage from Professor Wittlinger and her family. And she learned it directly from the inventor Dr. Vodder! 

Didier´s work is highly inspired by the work of Tom Myers (Anatomy Trains – Myofascial Meridians) and modern training approaches as taught by Ido Portal, Frank Forencich, Fighting Monkey, Tom Weksler, and many more. 

But as a base Didier is still deeply routed into buddhist martial arts as Kung Fu and TaiChi which he studied more than 10 years with Ajahn Lao Vongvilay. Didier`s interest in body and mind originated from japanese Zen literature, which is always a great source of inspiration to him.

Over the past 10 years, my passion for cultivating a healthy body has taken me on an incredible quest for knowledge. Through attending seminars and rigorous training, I’ve honed my skills and expertise, culminating in the achievement of becoming a certified bodycare therapist in March 2023. 🎓💆‍♂️

At the heart of my practice lies a commitment to lifelong learning. I believe that the pursuit of knowledge is key to unlocking the secrets of the profound connection between a healthy body and a sound mind. This commitment extends beyond certification—it’s a dedication to staying at the forefront of the latest insights and techniques in holistic wellness.

As your devoted bodycare therapist, my mission is to continually expand my understanding of how the body and mind intertwine. By staying on the cutting edge of wellness practices, I ensure that my clients receive the most effective and tailored treatments to enhance their overall well-being. 🌐💖

Join me on this ongoing journey of discovery and transformation. Let’s explore the limitless possibilities of achieving a harmonious connection between a healthy body and a vibrant mind. Your wellness adventure begins here, where lifelong learning meets the art of therapeutic care. 🌟 #WellnessJourney #BodyMindConnection #LifelongLearning #HolisticHealing

Jap. Setai (Massage Therapist)

Jap. Setai (Massage Therapist)

Mrs. Fujisawa originally found joy in serving others and has worked as a care manager for five years. However, her dream was to realize a world where people live by helping each other. In pursuit of this dream, she has entered the field of bodywork.

Her skills span the fields of body care, oil massage, reflexology (foot care), and face treatments (head care). 

Mrs Fujisawa is passionate about bringing your body and mind into balance and leading you to a healthy life.



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