Don't leave your Health to chance.
Take advantage of
our professional knowledge and experience.

Don't leave your 
Health to chance.
Take advantage of
our professional 
knowledge and 

Why choose us

CrossPhysio Fasciae Treatment has various positiv effects on your overall health


Myofascial oil massage alleviates stress, boosts endorphins, and promotes emotional release. Casual conversations during sessions provide a liberating space, making shared burdens feel lighter.

2. Injury Prevention

Massage deeply relaxes the fascia, allowing muscle groups to work together effortlessly and maintain better performance and flexibility.

3. better sleep

Regular touch, such as myofascial massage with oil, has been shown to improve sleep quality and duration, especially when done in the afternoon and evening.

4. Wellness For Your Body & Soul

Myofascial massage lifts the mood and promotes a sense of well-being in your whole being.

New Events coming:

Special Events in the CrossPhysio Clinic about health and mindfulness:
– Zazen Workshop with Master Muho October 4th, Friday 4:30pm              
– Voice & Inner Freedom with Sylvie Polz from Germany
9th or 10th November 2024

About us

German Physiotherapist, Author, Lecturer
Jap. Setai (Massage Therapist)
Jap. Setai (Massage Therapist)

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