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Zen Workshop with Muho Nölke

October 4th 2024, Friday, 4:30pm

Free Event (Donation based)

In this two-hour Zen workshop led by Muho Nölke, participants will explore key concepts of Zen, participate in guided meditation session, and gain valuable insights for incorporating Zen practice into their busy lives. Whether you are new to Zen or looking to deepen your Zen practice, Muho’s workshop will be a rich and transformative experience, offering a glimpse into the profound teachings that have shaped his spiritual journey.

Join the esteemed Muho Nölke for an inspiring journey into the world of Zen!

Maximum participants: 18

Duration: 4:30pm – 6:30pm


Zen Master Muho is a renowned German Zen master who has devoted his life to Zen practice and teaching.

After many years of rigorous training, he received the Dharma Teachings that signify recognition as a Zen master in Japan, and in 2002 he became the first Westerner to serve as abbot of Antaiji, a traditional Japanese Zen temple. He is widely respected for his deep understanding of Zen philosophy and his ability to convey its principles in a way that resonates with practitioners of all backgrounds.

Muho Nölke’s approach to Zen emphasizes direct experience and practical application in daily life. His teachings often revolve around mindfulness, meditation, and the cultivation of inner peace. Muho’s unique perspective as a Westerner embracing the rigorous Japanese Zen tradition provides a bridge for participants to connect with the profound wisdom of Zen in a culturally accessible way.


Since 2003, certified Linklater teacher Sylvie Polz seamlessly integrates the Linklater method with Feldenkrais and Yoga Meditation techniques to help you rediscover your authentic voice and being. Holding a degree in speech communication, Sylvie is the founder of the “Institute for Voice and Language” in Munich/Germany, offering individual coaching sessions, group seminars, and teaching at esteemed institutions like the University of Music and Performing Arts in Munich and the Paris-Lodron University in Salzburg. Her expertise extends to providing in-house training for a diverse range of small and large companies.

true sound
through Liberation

Voice & Relaxation Workshop
with Sylvie Polz

1-Day Workshop English, Saturday 9th November 2024


Unlock your full potential through your voice with Sylvie Polz, specializing in holistic voice and speech training. Sylvie’s approach is grounded in a comprehensive exercise program designed to release physical and emotional tensions and limitations, revealing your voice’s inherent capabilities.

By addressing restrictions and limitations, you’ll develop a deeper connection with your body, find joy in movement, and gain a nuanced understanding of your voice and deeper self. Reclaiming your authentic voice allows you to unleash your creative power, realizing your full potential as an individual.

Through the cultivation of resonant spaces within your body, your voice becomes more potent and captivating. Express your unique personality with the beauty and freedom of your voice, bringing you closer to the essence of who you are. This newfound ability for self-expression connects you with your desires, needs, and abilities.

Maximum participants: 8

Price: ¥28,000/day/participant

Duration: 10am – 5pm (with 1hr lunch break)

Massage Workshop

Contact us to tailor our on-demand Fascia Oil Massage Workshop to your schedule. Dive into the world of Tom Myers’ Anatomy Trains, whether it’s a condensed 3-hour session, an immersive 6-hour experience, or an extended two-day Workshop. Elevate your massage practice, unravel tension, and discover the profound impact of fascial release

Workshops can be held for professionals or can also be tailored to complete beginners eager to provide a relaxing massage for the partner.

also In-house Training possible

Bring the transformative Fascia Oil Massage Workshop to your space with our in-house training option. We tailor the experience to your team’s needs. Elevate your massage practice and promote well-being within your workplace. Contact us to schedule a personalized, on-site training session for your team.

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