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Two books are available in English. (A third book about pain and the Biopsychosocial Medicine is in German only)

Fasciae Fitness with Qi Gong

Elevate your body's resilience and flexibility with Qi Gong. This ancient practice harmonizes breath and movement, promoting optimal energy flow and enhancing the elasticity of your fascia system. Experience a profound synergy of mindfulness and physical well-being as Qi Gong revitalizes and maintains the suppleness of your body's connective tissues.

Posture Mastery:
For kids and adults

Discover the key to a healthier and happier life with my new book! Packed with lots of exercises for both adults and kids, it not only guides you towards a better posture but also unravels the fascinating connection between psychosocial well-being and posture. Transform your daily routine with simple yet effective exercises, ensuring a path to improved posture and holistic health for the whole family.

My Online Courses on Udemy

My online course ‘Fascia Fitness with Qi Gong’ is available in English, opening the doors for a global audience. While my other empowering courses on Paleo Fitness, Back Pain Prevention, and the innovative CrossPhysio Massage Techniques are currently offered only in German. But stay tuned as I work towards making these resources accessible to an international community in the near future!

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